Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ira Shor, Empowering Education-'Reflection'

    While reading this article, I immediately thought of our last article by K. She begins, right from the start, to quote a man named Bettelheim.This man does not believe that the three R'S concept as the answer, or main goal of the school systems. He is a true believer in the overall concept of socialization. Socialization has many different areas that creates an impact on our lives, in schools, and the social day to day life. I looked up the definition of socialization, and posted it. Right away, it states 'a continuing process'. It is a life time learning experience for all of our community, children or adult. The rest of the definition is what I believe Shor is tring to explain in this article. Our parents, our families, and our teachers, all help us for an 'identity' during our lives. They are all forms of social activity that creates our values and social positions.



[soh-shuh-luh-zey-shuhn] Show IPA –noun
1.a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position.

I agreed with Shor when it comes to the democracy that is held in our school systems. I feel that the comparison of the schools 'chain of command', and the future long term employments for these children, are quite similar in comparison. The future of the students, must be included in the curriculum to instill a brighter future for tomorrow. We must look ahead in all things that we do in our lives. In my own words, I feel that Shor was trying to explain the similarities when it comes to this topic. Our schools have the top employee, the Principal, which then stems down to the teacher, and last but not least, the children. In a work place in the future, this is still the concept that will follow these student for the rest of their lives.There is the owner of the business, the Manager that follows the owners rules, and then the regular employees. We need to look at all of the needs of each individual 'step in the chain', and make in harmony, where they all benefit. 

    In class, I am curious to know exactly who creates the curriculum for the schools in the first place. Who decides what our Children should learn, and shouldn't learn in their education?


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